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Insuring Your All Terrain Vehicle

The question about whether or not an ATV owner is required to buy Liability for their ATV can be answered quite simply: Yes, if you operate your ATV on a back country road in BC it is highly likely that you will be traveling on a Forestry Road. Ministry of Forests and Range regulations require you to carry proof of liability insurance for your ATV. You will be asked to produce proof insurance by a Conservation officer, Forestry Enforcement officer or the RCMP. The fine can be well over $200.00 for failure to do so.

The Government of BC has many branches that govern access and behavior in the back country but the two that will effect an ATVer the most are:

a) Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, which governs Provincial Highways and highway rights of way

b) Ministry of Forests and Range which governs Forest Service Roads.

1. It is illegal to operate your ATV on any road or highway that is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

2. You can operate on B.C. Forest Service Roads but you must have your ATV insured to a minimum of $200,000 third party liability and must have a valid driver's license. Buy insurance

3. Insurance may not be required to operate your ATV on private or public lands and on private roads.

The following is an excerpt taken directly from the Ministry of Forests and Range website:

Liability insurance

12 (1)  A person must not operate or cause to be operated a motor vehicle or trailer, other than a motor vehicle or trailer described by section 2 (5) of the Motor Vehicle Act, on a forest service road unless

(a) the driver, motor vehicle and trailer are insured under a valid and subsisting contract of accident insurance providing insurance against liability to third parties in the amount of at least $200 000, and

(b) the driver carries written evidence, supplied by the insurer, of the insurance referred to in paragraph (a), or a copy of that written evidence, and produces it, on demand, to a peace officer or an official.

(2)  Motor vehicles operated by the government that are subject to a government self-indemnification plan are exempt from the requirements of subsection (1).

[am. B.C. Reg. 354/2004, Sch. B, s. 2.]


13 (1)  A person who contravenes section 3 (3), 5 (1), 6 (5), 10 (1) or 11 (1) or (3) commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5 000 or to imprisonment for not more than 6 months or to both.

(2)  A person who contravenes section 4, 6 (3) or (4), 7, 8 or 12 (1) commits an offence.

Please note that the information quoted above may change at any time. For a complete text of the Forestry Road Use regulations go to the Ministry of Forests and Range website.


Buying All Terrain Vehicle insurance can be a relatively easy experience if you take the time to check out the available options.

Factors that often affect the cost of your insurance are your location, age, experience, driving record, type and cost of the All Terrain Vehicle and accessories you own. The Capri ATV Insurance program provides a single low price to all applicants that qualify.


Liability Insurance

We offer a third party liability policy for your ATV that has limits up to $1,000,000.

The annual premium is $125.00 or if you are an ATV Club member, $100.00. This annual policy is available any time and is good for one year from the date of purchase. Buy Now

We also offer a seasonal policy that is only available after May 31st and which expires Dec 31 for $95.00.


Physical Damage

We offer three coverage options for damage to your ATV (details):

Option 1: All Perils. (Collision, Upset, Rollover, and Comprehensive)
Option 2: Comprehensive only coverage.
Option 3: Basic Perils. (Fire, Theft, Attempted Theft, and Transit)

Our policy has no restrictions regarding theft of the insured unit under any coverage option. It is valid anywhere in Canada or the continental USA.

We offer Agreed Value as the basis of settlement on all of our policies. For brand new units the agreed value will be equal to the actual purchase price of the unit including taxes for the first two years. In subsequent years the value will reflect the current clean market value of the unit plus taxes upon renewal (or for used units). Under an Agreed Value policy, in the event of a total loss, we will pay the full amount that is indicated on the policy declaration page for that unit without depreciation.

In addition you can purchase our Trail Star package that includes up to $5,000 for a truck deck, lock re-keying, away from home expense limits and unit repatriation expense (details).

We offer substantial discounts to the organized ATV community:

To apply for physical damage coverage submit an application by email, fax or mail to our call centre. Or go to any of our approved sub brokers or dealer outlets.

For a free, no-obligation quote, use our online Quick Quote, or call one of our agents at 1-888-818-5821.

Changing market conditions require that our program must constantly evolve to maintain its stability. Please read the letter that accompanies the on-line application, or contact us and we will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Please direct any of your insurance questions to one of our qualified agents by calling 1.888.818.5821, sending us an email, or visit one of our offices.




All of these are considered ATVs

Definition of an ATV:

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV), informally referred to as a 'quad bike' or 'quad', is a self-propelled vehicle traveling on four or more low pressure tires capable of travel on or off a highway.

It is an off road vehicle designed and manufactured specifically for off road use. The definition includes RUV's, UTV's, Argos, but does not include vehicles commonly referred to as Dune Buggys, or other home built / unlicensed 4x4 vehicles.


This is not considered an ATV

Physical Damage Coverage Definitions



Where To Purchase ATV Insurance


Thompson / Okanagan:

Capri Insurance
You can obtain insurnace at any of our branches in the Thompson / Okanagan, or at any agency that offer our ATV / Snowmobile / Dirt Bike insurnace program.


Prince George:

Porter and McMillan Insurance (3 locations)

901 Victoria St
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Hart Mall
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Integris Insurance
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Ph: +1 250 992 5559
Fax: +1 250 992 5564 



Integris Insurance
186 West Columbia Street, PO Box 628
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East Kootenay Realty Insurance (2 locations)
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302 535 Victoria Ave N.
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East Kootenay Realty Insurance

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East Kootenay Realty Insurance

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