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Insuring Your Snowmobile

Buying Snowmobile insurance can be a relatively easy experience if you take the time to check out the available options.

B.C. residents have few choices for insurance and Capri Insurance has developed an insurance program in partnership with the B.C. Snowmobile Federation to provide their members an affordable option.

Factors that often affect the cost of your insurance are your location, age, experience, driving record, type and cost of the Snowmobile and accessories you own. The Sled Safe Insurance program provides an extremely competitive price to all members that qualify.

For a free, no-obligation quote, call the Capri Insurance OffRoad Vehicle department at 1--888-818-5821. Or click here.

Insure your Snowmobile, ATV, or Dirt Bike with us. Capri Insurance supports organized groups that promote safe and responsible use of Off Road vehicles. Call us for details.

Latest Snowmobile News!

New Online Snowmobile Safety Course now available.

Go to the bcsf website and sign up for this BCSF approved Snowmobile Safety Course. When you complete the course you will qualify for a 10% discount when you apply for Snowmobile Insurance.

Crossing Plowed Forest Service Roads

Forestry Road regulations have been revised to allow a snowmobile to cross a plowed FSR providing the operator has a valid Third Party Liability insurance policy on their snowmobile. The BCSF Optional Off Road liability available through your local club or directly from Capri Insurance meets the requirement set out in the regulations.

Changes to Operation Permit requirements for snowmobiles and snow vehicles in B.C. Quoted from an ICBC bulletin issued on December 21, 2011

"As of January 1, 2012, a police-issued operation permit (MV1815) is not required for snowmobiles and snow vehicles crossing a highway that bisects a trail or resource road at controlled intersections where there is a stop sign or traffic control signal. Operation permits continue to be required for uncontrolled intersections, travel along a highway or right-of-way, and for non-perpendicular highway crossings.

Registration and licensing:

For a complete text open, Click Here

More information about snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles can be found at: http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/mof/orv/

Snowmobile Physical Damage Insurance:

Physical damage insurance is designed to protect the vehicle owner from the financial burden created by the loss (or partial loss) of their snowmobile, ATV or dirt bike.

This insurance policy is available to any snowmobile owner who lives in BC. Snowmobiles valued form $2,000 to $30,000 can be insured for Basic Perils (Fire, Theft, and Transport), Comprehensive or All Perils (Collision, upset, comprehensive). The Capri OffRoad program has a variety of discounts for the eligible owner; discounts from 10% to 35% are available.

Maximum discount of 35% is available To B.C. Snowmobile Federation Members.

We can provide Physical Damage coverage direct to B.C. Snowmobilers at very competitive premiums. We offer three coverage options for the snowmobiler.

To apply for the program download a Snowmobile Physical Damage application form here and fax the completed form to us at 1.888.822.6115 toll free.

A premium quote may be obtained by calling the Capri Insurance OffRoad Department toll free hotline 1.888.818.5821 or Click here To go To the Capri Insurance Quick Quote feature.

The Capri Insurance OffRoad Physical Damage policy is structured to provide you with a replacement value by insuring your brand new unit for the actual purchase price plus taxes. In the event of a total loss of your unit you will receive the insured amount shown on the policy and the deductible of $500 is forgiven. For example when you insure your new sled for $15, 968.50 and then have a total loss anytime during the policy year you will be paid $15, 968.50 to replace your unit.

All Capri Insurance OffRoad Physical Damage polices have as the basis of settlement Agreed value.

As mentioned previously, Agreed Value will be equal to the actual purchase price of your Brand New unit including taxes for the first two years of a policy. In subsequent years the Agreed Value will equal current clean book value plus taxes.

Used units first insured under the Sled Safe Physical Damage policy will have an Agreed value of current clean book value plus taxes.

The Standard Features of the Capri Insurance physical damage policy are:

The Optional Features offered as part of the exclusive Capri Insurance "Trail Star" Package are:

Snowmobile Third Party Liability Insurance:

The Sled Safe liability for personal use of snowmobiles is only available to BC Snowmobile Federation members. Click here to purchase membership in the BCSF and snowmobile liability.

This policy, which is supplied by Intact Insurance through Capri Insurance Services ltd., covers the insured for up to $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. Each insured member has an individual aggregate assigned to them. The cost of the policy is $70.00. That amount covers the annual premium of $59.00 and an $11.00 administration fee that goes to support the BC Snowmobile Federation.

The purchaser benefits from the protection offered by the insurance policy and as a bonus they help fund the delivery of BCSF programs. Don't be fooled by other products out there. This is the only liability insurance program that puts money directly into provincial services for snowmobilers such as access issues and support for local snowmobile clubs.

Applications (available on October 1st each year for the winter season) are available from your local BCSF snowmobile club, at an approved Sub Broker, online at www.bcsf.org, or from the Capri Insurance OffRoad Vehicle website (Click here).

The BC Snowmobile Third party Liability policy benefits are:

Note: The BC Snowmobile Third party Liability policy does not provide accident benefits to the owner / operator. The policy only provides protection from Third Party Property Damage and Bodily Injury Claims.

Need more information? Call us at 1.888.818.5821

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Changing market conditions require that our snowmobile program must constantly evolve to maintain its stability. Please contact Capri Insurance with all of your insurance questions. As the Authorized Insurance Broker for the BC Snowmobile Federation, Capri Insurance is the only authority when it comes to answering Sled Safe insurance related questions. Call us toll free and we will be pleased to answer all your questions.

To apply for the program download an application form and fax the completed form to us at 1.888.822.6115 toll free.

A premium quote may also be obtained by calling the toll free hotline 1.888.818.5821 using the online Quick Quote feature.

Replacement value is addressed under this program by offering Agreed Value for your sled. It is important to note that third party liability is only available as a separate policy and is not part of the Physical Damage policy offered by Capri Insurance.

To apply for any of the Off Road vehicle insurance products including Snowmobile, ATV or Dirt Bike polices, or to inquire further please call 1.888.818.5821, email us at offroad@capri.ca, visit one of our Capri offices, (click for locations)

Or visit an authorized Sub Broker from the list below:

Prince George: Porter and McMillan Insurance (3 locations): Downtown 901 Victoria St 250 563 9217, College Heights 150-5212 Domano Blvd. 250 964 4400, Hart Mall 3839 West Austin Rd. 250 962 9217

Quesnel: Integris Insurance 253 Reid Street, V2J 2M1 Ph:250 992 5559

Vanderhoof: Integris Insurance 186 West Columbia Street, Ph: 250 570 4720

Cranbrook: East Kootenay Realty Insurance (2 locations) Toll Free: 866 489 3221. 27 10th Avenue S. Ph: 250 489 3221 Or 535 Victoria Ave Ph: 250 426 6321

Fernie: East Kootenay Realty Insurance 512 - 2nd Ave., Ph: 250 423 6851

Invermere: East Kootenay Realty Insurance 1225 - 7th Ave, Ph: 250 342 8604?